Friday, September 10, 2010

How We Roll

  Summer is winding down and our crazy travel days are behind us, at least for a little while.  I thought I'd share some pictures of the food we bring with us when we travel.  It's so easy to forget about healthy eating when we travel.  It's easy to say, "Ah, I'm on vacation, it's okay to eat whatever for a few days".  And you know what?  I think flexibility is great and indulging in our favorite not-so-healthy foods once in a while is okay.  But overall, I feel better when I eat what my body is used to--wholesome, quality foods.  I really don't want to waste my splurges on convenience store snacks or fast food when I'm on the road, either, so for me, a little planning goes a long way when we are traveling.  We always travel with our cooler and snack bag when we are doing car road trips.  For air travel, we obviously can't bring a cooler, but we do bring healthy, dry snacks.
Here's a peek at what we brought on our last trip:
Veggie chips-for a processed food, they are not bad. All real ingredients, no artificial ingredients or preservatives, and no hydrogenated oils.  
Just Peas and Just Corn-love these snacks.  
Lara Bars-These bars are the best! Only 2-4 ingredients in each bar and so good.  Meghan asks for them all the time.  They are perfect for traveling.  
Homemade Oatmeal Cookies-Gotta have our treats! :)
Roasted Pumpkin seeds-roasted with a little oil and salt.  

For the cooler:

Organic plain yogurt and organic cheddar cheese-because getting organic food where we were going is not easy (nearly impossible).  
Sugar snap peas and shelled edamame-mostly because I didn't want them to go bad while we were gone.  They made great snacks and lunch accompaniments.  
Organic fruit-perfect for snack and meals. 

We also brought some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for our lunch stop.  Can't go wrong with a little PB&J.  

So this is how we roll when traveling.  Even though when we're on the road we probably eat our worst, planning ahead and bringing some good food helps us keep it a little healthier.  


  1. I love your blog but I would love to make a suggestion.....
    the grey writing on top of the black is hard to it possible to make it white? or the lightest grey?
    take it or leave it, I just wanted to let you know :)

  2. Thank you for the suggestion! Once the blog loads completely you should see a white background. Not sure how to fix that if you aren't--sorry. :-( I actually don't blog at this address anymore. Everything you see here, plus a lot more, is at my new blog, which you can find at Thanks for stopping by! :-)