Sunday, August 15, 2010

Change is in the Air

    Howdy blog readers!  This post isn't going to have any healthy eating tips, ingredient information, or recipes.  I just wanted to share some exciting news--my food blog is going to be moving.  I've decided to leave blogger and use a self-hosted site.  I had to change the name because was not an available url.  I don't want to tell you the new name just yet because the new site is actually already live, but is definitely not ready to be seen yet. :-)  My non-tech-savvy self is learning as I go, but I'm hoping the new site will be up and ready to go by next week.  I'm trying to figure out how to export everything I've got on this blog to the new site; cross your fingers that none of my content is lost in the process!  I will keep you updated on my progress and hope that you'll follow me to my new site and continue reading.  There will still be a few posts here before the move, so keep checking back for new recipes.

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