Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm Still Here

Hi there blog friends! I'm just checking in to give reassurance that I have not disappeared on you.  This has been a busy, travel-filled summer (which I love!) and I'm not quite a mobile-blogger yet.  After a wonderful weekend in San Diego, I am now in Phoenix visiting one of my besties and her brand new baby boy.  I definitely chose the right time for my first trip back to Phoenix after moving last summer.  Yesterday was 115 degrees and did not make me miss the desert at all.  I will be back "home" in Ohio (ummm...is Ohio really my home?  Yikes. Sorry Buckeye fans, I still can't believe I live in Ohio)  tonight and hopefully posting some healthy-food thoughts within another day or so.  Thanks for hanging with me during my temporary blogging lapses. 

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